Universal Energy

Universal Energy is created by Universal Life Force that enters the subtle bodies as well as the physical body. It circulates in the body and is responsible for the health of each individual.

Whenever something blocks the circulation of this energy, the body becomes weak, resulting in one of several malfunctions within the system.

Symptoms then start to manifest physically.

These symptoms are warning signs that the body needs some attention before a major problem manifests.

Do not ignore symptoms, they are the way the body communicates. Listen to your body by eating healthier, eliminating stress and getting enough rest. In return your body will re-adjust and heal itself.

Disease from a Spiritual Perspective

The following is a brief overview from a spiritual perspective of what really happens to cause a break down in the body and allowing the manifestation of illness or disease:

Emotions / Stress / Nutrient deficiency


Acidic body


Decrease in Energy


Slower cell vibration


Microbes manifest

Everything in the universe, including human beings, consists of atoms – pure Energy. Looking deeper into atoms, we first see particles and looking deeper into the particles, patterns of pure energy vibrating at a specific rate is observed. That is what we truly are.

When Energy Drops

When energy drops to a certain level microbes (virus, bacteria, fungus) enters the body.

Looking at a virus, bacteria or fungus, it is only microbes doing their job in the physical universe, which is to return the body to earth. If we begin to resemble this very acid, then we become under attack of microbes.

This condition can be reversed by improving our nutrition and moving into an alkaline, higher energy, higher vibrational state.