About the Tissue Salts and Zodiac Wheel

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This wheel is based on the monthly sun sign to indicate the mineral our body mostly require due to planetary influence for the specified period. This affects all of us.

Symptoms and ailments are greatly reduced when the complimentary tissue salt supplement is taken during this time period.

  • For each Zodiac sign there is a corresponding tissue salt.
  • Each Zodiac sign reflects the body parts mostly affected by the corresponding planet’s energy.
  • People born under the specific zodiac sign may experience weakness or illness in these areas.
  • Due to planetary influence as well as daily stress, emotions, pollution and bad eating habits (that is a major cause of illness in the body, mind and soul) we are constantly under attack of external forces.
Tissue Salt and Zodiac Flowchart Diagram

Guidelines to get started

According to your date of birth, find which tissue salt number corresponds with your zodiac sign as seen on the Healing Guide app.

Open the zodiac wheel and go the the tissue salt identified as your specific requirement.

Read through the symptoms and benefits of the tissue salt and take according to instructions on the bottle.