Self DiagnosisHealing Guide Examples

Due to all the stress and tension in our bodies, the energy is blocked, therefore life-giving energy cannot flow through us.

The result is that negative energy gets trapped within the body. To prevent illness we need to work on ourselves to release trapped energy and assist the body in healing itself through self diagnosis.

The Healing Guide app offers the following self diagnosis techniques:

(a) Follow the Symptom Sorter

(b) Follow the Time of Day Clock

(c) Follow the Zodiac Wheel

(a) Follow the Symptom Sorter:

Select from the Symptom Sorter A-Z list the symptom ‘Immune Symptom Problems’.
Once the link is open the Tissue Salts, Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Remedies are listed with interlinks.
Open each of the linked supplements to find detail information on the benefits, symptoms, helpers and robbers.

(b) Follow the Time of Day Clock:

Find the time of day or night when you feel unwell to determine which organ is out balance.
Open the organ identified.
Read the symptoms and see if it corresponds. Scroll down and open the links for each nutritional supplement recommended to find what is most applicable to your condition, according to symptoms identified.
Scroll down and run the meridian to open energy blocks.

(c) Follow the Zodiac Wheel:

Open the Tissue Salt Wheel.
According to your date of birth determine which Tissue Salt number your system may lack and click on it to open.
Open the links on this page to work through emotional blockages and stress related issues that is a major part of physical imbalance that break down the immune system.