Osho Kundalini Meditation

Here’s what Osho said about Kundalini Meditation:
Allow the shaking; don’t do it. Stand silently, feel it coming and when your body starts trembling, help it but don’t do it. Enjoy it, feel blissful about it, allow it, receive it, welcome it, but don’t will it.

If you force it will become an exercise, a bodily, physical exercise. Then the shaking will be there but just on the surface; it will not penetrate you. You will remain solid, stone-like, rock-like within. You will remain the manipulator, the doer, and the body will just be following. The body is not the question – you are the question.

When I say shake, I mean your solidity, your rock-like being should shake to the very foundations so that it becomes liquid, fluid, melts, flows. And when the rock-like being becomes liquid, your body will follow. Then there is no shake, only shaking. Then nobody is doing it; it is simply happening. Then the doer is not.

“I would like more and more writers, poets, film makers to steal as much as they can, because truth is not my property, I am not its owner. let it reach in any way, in anybody’s name, in any form, but let it reach”. Beyond Psychology#3 Q#2 : Osho

Dr. John Andrews gives an in-depth description of the four stages of this revolutionary OSHO Active Meditation.
Experience immediately the paradox of “effortless effort” – of non-doing by allowing the energy of totality to express itself shaking and dancing. Then awareness happens by itself.

There are 4 stages in Kundalini Meditation, each stage comprising of 15 minutes, with music played in the background.

Second Stage: 15 mins

Let go everywhere and become the shaking.

Second Stage: 15 mins

Dance … any way you feel, and let the whole body move as it wishes.

Third Stage: 15 mins

Close your eyes and be still, sitting or standing, witnessing whatever is happening inside and out.

Fourth Stage:

Keeping your eyes closed, lie down and be still.