Moon Mysteries

How the moon affects our Health

A balanced life means that one does not continually disregard the cyclic rhythms to which our body is subject to. More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that the ever-changing rhythms of the Moon affect our moods and emotions, our impulses, our actions and behavior. The natural balance of life is experienced when we tune our whole being into the universal understanding of the rhythms of nature. Not to do so is to sabotage nature’s gift of the Moon, its cycles and its guidance.

Phases of the Moon

As the moon circles the Earth, the shape of the moon appears to change. This is because different amounts of the illuminated part of the moon are facing us. The shape varies from a full moon (when the Earth is between the sun and the moon) to a new moon (when the moon is between the sun and the Earth).

More on moon phases

  • During each lunar orbit the Moon’s appearance change from not visibly illuminated through partially illuminated to fully illuminated. Then back through partially illuminated to not illuminated again.
  • Each complete cycle of phases is called a ‘lunation’.
  • The phases of the Moon are related to (caused by) the relative positions of the Moon and Sun in the sky.
  • Phases of the Moon and the percent of the Moon illuminated are independent of the location on the Earth from where the Moon is observed.
  • All the phases occur at the same time regardless of where you are on Earth.
Human Health Study 1

At the University of Miami, psychologist Arnold Lieber and his colleagues decided to test the old belief of full-moon ‘lunacy’ which most scientists has written off as an old woman’s tale. The researchers collected data on homicide in Dade County (Miami) over a period of 15 years – 1,887 murders, to be exact. When they matched the incidence of homicide with the phases of the moon, they found that the as the full moon or the new moon approached, the murder rate rose sharply. It distinctly declined during the first and last quarters of the moon. Dr. Lieber speculates that perhaps the human body, which like the surface of the earth, is composed of almost 80% water, experience some kind of ‘biological tides’ that affect emotions. When a person is already on psychologically shaky ground, such a biological tide can push him or her over the edge.

Affects of the Moon Lunar Cycles on humans

For thousands of years it has been believed that the fortunes of men and women move in cycles. The ancients depicted the concept as the great Wheel of Fortune, eternally turning and spinning.

The problem was that no one knew for sure what powered that wheel or exactly what speed it was turning for any given individual.

For hundreds of years we have known that it is the regular and predictable cycles of the moon and sun that regulate the oceans tides, but the tides in the affairs of humans have not been so easily forecast.

The extensive research of the past years has proved otherwise. Its has established numerous links between regularly occurring human behavior and external natural cycles ranging from weather and solar radiation to phases of the moon and planetary cycles.

Human Health Study 2

An earlier report by the American Institute of Medical Climatology to the Philadelphia Police Department entitled ‘The Effect of the full moon on Human Behavior’ found that the full moon marks a monthly peak in various kinds of psychotically oriented crimes such as murder, arson, dangerous driving and kleptomania.

Human Health Study 3

A study of 1400 suicides found that people were more likely to make an attempt on their life when there was a new moon. The study, carried out by the Finnish National Public Health Institute, also suggested that suicide rates increased as winter turned into spring and summer turned into autumn. Dr Timo Partonen, a researcher at the Institute, said in the study they examined all suicides in Finland over a one-year period aimed to find out if there was any time of the day, month or year, that suicide was more common. He suggested that the peaks in suicide, when the seasons change, can be linked to changes in light and temperature which disturb the human body clock. He also said a higher rate of suicide was also linked to the phases of the moon. Peaks were found at the phase of the new moon in autumn and winter, when it is darker at night, and during the full moon in spring and autumn when there is an increased amount of light.

Affects of the Moon Lunar Cycles on animals and plants

Affects of the lunar cycle and phases can be seen in numerous life forms. These effects occur in fish, shellfish, insects, mammals (including humans) and plants.

  • Shellfish renew their shells, undergo regeneration and sexual activity in accord with the lunar tidal cycle.
  • Guppy-fish have a color sensitivity on their back that is most responsive during full moon and least responsive during new moon.
  • Oysters open their shells at high tide.
  • Shrimps are out in masse every full moon.
  • The golden hamster displays lunar rhythms in activity, and urinary volume and acidity.
  • Animal studies show that physical activity, metabolism, aggression and sexual behavior are dramatically increased in many species at the new moon and full moon. Predators like the wolf are active at the full moon, a well-known fact.
  • The moon phase cycle is the key cycle in the timing of plants. If your desired crop comes from the part of the plant above the ground like tomatoes, cabbage, beans, herbs, etc., you should plant them during the waxing moon. If you want the part below the ground to grow such as bulbs, potatoes or carrots, they must be planted during the waning moon.
  • Planting seeds within 48 hours before a full moon, is another widely held belief that the seeds will sprout more quickly and the plants from them will be stronger.
  • In tropical rain forest countries in South America and Southeast Asia, where most of the world’s hardwood comes from, tree-harvesting contracts are linked to the phase of the moon. The trees are only cut down on a waning moon, as near to the new moon feasible. This is because on a waxing or full moon, the sap rises in the trees and extensive sap bleeding attracts hordes of deathwatch beetles, which will devastate a crop. Awareness of this cycle means the difference between making or losing millions of dollars every year.