Can you feel the love
Physical Health
  • We must change our attitude and step away from the ‘fast food syndrome’.
  • Poor nutrition produces a toxic body that results in physical illness as well as emotional outbursts, self-condemnation, anger, etc.
  • This in return produce negative thought patterns as our thoughts become toxic.
Mental and Emotional Health
  • Emotions, stress, fear and self-pity are the most destructive force on the physical body.
  • Thought patterns that are negative results in negative behavior patterns.
  • We can change these behavior patterns by changing our way of thinking.
  • We are responsible for our emotions and can control it, as you first have to ‘think’ something before it can manifest as an emotion.
  • By changing our negative thought patterns, we become masters of our emotions.
Belief Systems
  • When we were small we were told what to believe.
  • Due to our parents’ own fears, insecurities and beliefs, we ended up with a poor self- image and in some cases self-destructive behavior patterns developed.
  • Beliefs comes from what other people tells us, what history tells us, what science tells us, what religion tells us, etc.
  • We are the product of a program created by those who control the world, education, medicine, the media, feeding us with false information for their own financial gain.
A new awareness create a new consciousness
  • We must become conscious of our unconscious thoughts.
  • Everything we do is an expression of our level of awareness.
  • Without awareness we act on habits.
  • Habits are nothing more than how we are programmed.
  • We need to change the way we are looking at things.
  • A single change within shifts everything: It alters our perception, change our beliefs, produce a brand new experience, creates a new reality.
True evolution is spiritual evolution
  • We are the masters of our own destiny – the future you and me is created by what we eat, how we think, what we believe to be true and how we respond in return.
  • We live in an important time in history where we now choose the outcome of our future.
  • To create change in the physical world we must change the energy behind it.
  • It starts by realizing that the only loss there is, is the loss of Self : the loss of our Divinity!
  • The answer is to bring together factual knowledge with intuitive answers found in stillness.
  • Found in the Language of Feeling.

The Language of Feeling

In this current energy, everything is being amplified
  • Our consciousness is starting to evolve.
  • It is dividing into extreme forms of opposites.
  • The dark ones are becoming darker and the light ones are becoming lighter.
  • The Illuminati, the elite, the cabal all of these are now coming to a close because there is light happening on the planet.
  • Conscious decisions of integrity started to force them out of the place they have had for hundreds of years.
  • They are fighting for their lives and while fighting for their lives are unleashing their wrath upon humanity.
  • This is what we see on our news, it has to do with energy.
Do thoughts and words have energy?
  • All the power resides in you.
  • Talk to yourselves because your soul is listening to what you say.
  • When you speak in the open air, your ears can hear it. The vibration in the air from your vocal cords which is coming from your consciousness and the statements thereof go into your brain.
  • Now you’re inside because you heard your own words inside the brain. That is where the blood is flowing, your soul is there and it listens and it knows.
  • There are some that will say they are beseeching God for intervention: “Dear God I need help, please help me”.
  • This is an energy that is a bit misdirected because inside you is GOD.
  • What you’re really doing when you do that is exercising your own creative power that you don’t know you have, to create synchronicity in places you may never visit, and this is the beauty of WHO you are.
  • You don’t pray, you don’t hope, you don’t ask, instead you ARE and IT IS, I AM.
  • The affirmations must be positive and they must be worded as though they are already in place.
  • We affirm what we want by already visualizing it and thanking the universe for giving it to us.
  • So when we say “thank you universe for all the abundance in my life”, we actually give our soul instructions.
  • Therefore, what you say to your soul will also control intuitive thought.
  • Whatever you do in the world, wherever you go, you are structured by what you expect and humanity expects average.
  • Your soul is not connected to what is happening on the outside, it wants to help you by WHAT you state.
  • When you start affirming positive statements as if they have already happened, your soul sees it and starts working with intuition and the intuition then creates synchronicity for you to be at the right place and the right time in order for things to happen.
  • The process of tapping, the process of decoding, the process of kinesiology and body talk are all ways of discussing what you are.
  • These things then start to take hold, the chemistry of your body starts to shift, your intuition then starts to shift to give you what you ask for.
  • It’s unlimited in what you can do.
  • This is the instruction manual in creating your own reality and it has to do with what you think and then speak out loud.
Does fear have power?
  • You watch the news, what are you concentrating on? Fear, worry and anxiety because of what’s happening on the planet.
  • It would be far better to turn it off unless you know how to detach from this physical reality.
  • Detachment means you see what is going on, but you don’t react to it, there is no emotion attached to what you are seeing and hearing.
  • If you cannot detach, when you experience fear you shorten your life by telling your soul that this is what you are worried about.
  • Understand that you are in control and can turn it around today.
  • How do I do it? Through conscious thought, through affirmations to literally talking to yourself, watching what you say and what information you are feeding your soul.

 “Man continually meets his own creation turned upon himself, until he builds his Universe according to the Pattern of Divine Perfection which is the True Expression of his own Divinity.” Saint Germain