Self Diagnosis : Body Clock

Learn about more self diagnosis techniques made available in the Healing Guide mobile app.

About the Meridian System

The meridians make up an invisible network connecting all the organs and tissues of the body. They are regarded as being more important than the nerves, blood or lymph systems because they circulate energy that is vital to life.

The meridian system is electromagnetic energy that circulates through the 12 main meridians in the body. It keeps us in phase with the planet as it is linked to the 12 time zones on earth.

The meridian system is connected to the hour of the day. It connects all the organs and tissues of the body. If there is a disorder in one of the main meridians, its connected organ will be affected, causing bodily disharmony. Also, if there is a disorder in an organ, its meridian will be affected.

For self-diagnosis the information contained in the Healing Guide mobile app is of incredible value. By taking the time of day into consideration when symptoms appear or worsen, it is easily established which organ to treat. The main reason for this is that the symptoms experienced can be of such a confusing nature, that without the technique as described in the ‘Guidelines to get started’ section below, it is very difficult to establish which organ requires treatment.

Body Clock Flowchart Diagram

Each organ has a 2-hour peak period. Symptoms are normally worse during the ‘time period’ when the organ is most active. Therefore, the ‘body clock’ is a very effective method of self-diagnosis to determine the origin of the problem. By doing this, you are not only working with symptoms, but are pointed to the cause – the origin of the problem.

Guidelines to get started

Start with the Time of Day Clock to assist you in your self-diagnosis. Say for example you often wake up from discomfort between 1 – 3 am, this will indicate that your Liver is causing the problem.

Once you have opened the Time of day clock, click on Liver which will take you to that part of the mobile app.

Compare your symptoms with the symptoms listed. Should you find no connection, read through the other organs and check the symptoms listed for the other organs.

Once you are sure that the symptoms described resemble that what you are experiencing, it is time for action.

Go through the herbal remedies as described for each organ to find the most appropriate herb for your specific problem. There are quite a few herbs listed for each organ. The reason for this is that we are all unique individuals. What works wonders for me may not have the same effect on you, therefore you will have to work on a test and trial basis and experiment with the herbs until you find what is the most beneficial. Remember you can mix a lot of herbs together (a pinch of each herb is added to a cup of boiled water, left for 3 minutes and then strained). If only taking one herb, use 1 teaspoon of the herbal remedy on 1 cup of boiled water.

Go through the supplements as described for each organ to determine your nutritional requirements.

To open energy blocks, the meridian flow must be restored. The meridian line for each organ is stipulated under the organ. Follow the guidelines given.

On a more spiritual level, read about the chakra that influence the specific organ you are currently treating. Look into the Mantra and planetary influence links and follow the guidelines.

For further self-diagnosis, go to the home page, open Bach Remedies and read about the symptoms listed that is linked to emotions.

How to Run the Meridians

Always run the Central Meridian and then the Governing Meridian before starting with the affected meridians according to the organ selected. The Central and Governing Meridians has effect on the entire system and is not part of the Time of day Clock, as these meridians are active 24 hours of the day.

Running the meridians balance and restore the entire body metabolism to its natural rhythm and cycle. It strengthens the energy system.

For this technique you can use either etheric touch (just above the body) or actual physical touch.

Please note the direction (upwards or downwards) to run and restore the meridian’s energy flow. The direction is indicated by arrows on the meridian picture on the mobile app.

Always run the meridian on both sides of the body (left and right), irrespective where the affected organ is located.

Various methods can be employed

To re-establish flow in the entire system, run all 12 the meridians, starting with the one according to the actual time of day, as indicated on the Time of Day Clock on the mobile app.

For example: If the present time is 4 pm, first run the Central and Governing meridians (as explained above), then start with the Bladder meridian (3 – 5 pm) and continue with each meridian according to the sequence of the Time of day Clock, ending with the Small Intestine.

Knowing that each of the twelve meridians peaks for a two-hour period during the twenty-four hour cycle, we can use the midday/midnight association between pairs of meridians. The meridian whose time of day it is has the dominant energy flow (example: 1pm to 3pm Small Intestine), while at the same time, its partner on the opposite side of the clock has the least energy (example: 1am to 3am Liver).

When working with meridian therapy, it is good not only to work with the meridian most directly affected, but also to balance the organs before and after the affected organ you are working on, as indicated on the Time of Day Clock.

Working with the death cycle it is easy to establish which element (organ) is the energy robber. If, for example, a problem is experienced with the liver (element Wood), note that the robber is Metal (Lungs and Large Intestine). When running the meridians, run the Liver as well as the Gallbladder (both = Wood). Do not run the meridians of the Lungs and the Large Intestine (both = Metal). Read about the Liver and Gallbladder what nutrition, herbs, tissue salt, etc, is required for further treatment.