Tissue Salts
Tissue Salts

They are important for the daily functioning, maintaining, rebuilding and detoxifying of the cells.

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Every pain or unpleasant sensation indicates a lack of some inorganic constituent of the blood. Health and strength can be well maintained as long as the system is properly supplied with these tissue salts.

The question whether this or that disease is or is not dependent on the existence of Fungi, Virus or Bacteria is of no importance in Biochemical treatment.

The process of cell metamorphosis is continuously going on in the human body:

  • Old cells die and new cells take their place.
  • For the building up of these new cells the necessary material is abstracted from the blood.
  • It is done by the cells themselves, but if the blood lacks the necessary nutrients, the rebuilding process cannot proceed normally or it may cease entirely.
  • The result is the manifestation of the abnormal condition called disease. This negative condition will disappear readily once the blood is again enabled to furnish to the cells the necessary quantity of the elements.

Disease is nothing but an altered state of the cell. The constitution of a cell is determined by the composition of its nutritive environment.

  • When certain parts of the body are in an abnormal condition, symptoms occur.
  • Physicians believe that these symptoms themselves are the disease.
  • Symptoms are merely a sign – a signal of distress.
  • A symptom is indicative of a deficiency.
  • Once the body is supplied with the tissue salt it lacks – whether iron, magnesium, sodium or potassium – the reaction will immediately follow and health will be restored.

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