The Healing Guide mobile app serves as a quick reference tool while shopping for natural remedies. You can lookup and find the symptom as well as benefits for each supplement, together with other vitamins or minerals required for optimum absorption.
Symptom Sorter A – Z

The Healing Guide mobile app offers a Symptom Sorter.

For each symptom listed natural nutritional supplements are recommended.

When opening the link to any of the recommended supplements, symptoms caused by a shortage are listed to validate your requirement.

Tried and tested tips and remedies also form part of each symptom.

Emergency aid and treatment when far from medical assistance is also included that can save lives.

Self Diagnosis Techniques

Various self diagnosis techniques are offered and explained in detail to assist the user in understanding his body and have the freedom of choice of treatment.

Researched benefits of Supplements

Researched benefits of Vitamins, Minerals, Tissue salts, Bach remedies and Herbal remedies is discussed in detail.  The Information is based on researched information of experts and brought together with inter-links, proving how everything works together and compliment one another.

Love is the experience of being whole and connected to Universal Divinity.
You are the master of your life.
You can do much more that you thought you could, including cure yourself of a ‘terminal illness’.
Let today be the day you step out of the normal bounds of your life and begin seeing yourself differently.


The Healing Guide explains natural ways of preventing and treating human disease based on finding the underlying cause of a problem, rather than treating or suppressing a symptom.

Years of intensive research and successful application was the motivation behind Healing Guide – The Big Picture:

  • We must step away from the concept of ‘one pill cures all’.
  • No illness can be generalized, as each person’s health problem is unique.
  • Thought patterns together with food creates the physical body.
  • What works for one person may not work for another.
  • Requirement for nutritional supplements varies for each individual.


  • Empower people to become their own healer with tried and tested tips, remedies and healing methods provided.
  • Connect the physical and energy body to accomplish true healing.
  •  Discovering a higher-dimensional approach to wellness.
  • Understand the dangers of MSG and anti-nutrients.
  • Understand that symptoms are the body’s way of communication.
  • Mantra and meditation workshop with original music compositions is also included.