We have five vital organs that are essential for survival. These are the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. 

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  • The human brain is the body’s control center, receiving and sending signals to other organs through the nervous system and through secreted hormones.
  • These are the main organs, as well as their primary function:
  • The heart pumps blood around the body.
  • The lungs separate oxygen from the air and remove carbon dioxide from the blood.
  • The stomach helps to digest food.
  • The intestines absorb nutrients from food.
  • The liver removes poisons from the blood.
  • The kidneys filter blood and produce urine.
  • The bladder stores urine.
<strong>Remedy Heart</strong>
Remedy Heart

Remedy for enlargement of the Heart – take 3 cups daily. ~Maria Treben~

<strong>Remedy</strong> <strong>Lungs</strong>
Remedy Lungs

Plantain Ribwort
For Bronchial Asthma, phlegm on the lungs and Tuberculosis of the lungs. ~Maria Treben~

<strong>Remedy</strong> <strong>Stomach</strong>
Remedy Stomach

For gastro-intestinal disorders, stomach cramps and stomach ulcers. ~Maria Treben~

<strong>Remedy</strong> <strong>Intestines</strong>
Remedy Intestines

Every disorder of the stomach and intestines is cleared up, be it stubborn or malignant. ~Maria Treben~

<strong>Remedy</strong> <strong>Liver</strong>
Remedy Liver

Common Club Moss
For hardening (cirrhosis) of the Liver – this tea heals the worst cases and relief the symptom ‘shortness of breath’ instantly. ~Maria Treben~

<strong>Remedy</strong> <strong>Kidneys</strong>
Remedy Kidneys

For Kidney disorders, especially when suffering from depression, delusions and fits of rage. ~Maria Treben~

<strong>Remedy</strong> <strong>Bladder</strong>
Remedy Bladder

Willow Herb
For bladder, kidney and prostate disorders. ~Maria Treben~

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