Minerals contain no calories or energy in themselves but assist the body in energy production.

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  • Although our bodies can manufacture some vitamins, we make no minerals. Our natural minerals come from the earth. If a mineral nutrient is not available in the soil, it will not be in the food grown there and thus will not be provided to us when we consume that food.
  • Loss of topsoil, continual replanting without enriching the soil, and the farmer’s use of fertilizers that contain only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (all of which stimulate plant growth), is the reason why our food may not contain all the minerals it once did.
  • Refinement and processing of foods decrease the mineral content even more.
  • Deficiencies of many vital minerals are more common than deficiencies of vitamins since our body does not manufacture minerals and foods may be enriched with vitamins.
  • The special electrolyte minerals – sodium, potassium and chloride – help regulate the fluid and acid-base balance of our bodies.
  • Minerals are part of enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions and aid the production of energy or participate in metabolism. Some minerals also help in nerve transmission, muscle contraction, cell permeability and blood and tissue formation.
  • The mineral content of foods gives each food the potential for being acid or alkaline in the body – thus a food can either be acid-forming or alkaline-forming .
  • Our basic body acid-base balance (pH) is slightly alkaline, so more of our diet should consist of alkaline-forming foods, primarily fruits and vegetables. Interestingly enough, these foods usually have a relatively high mineral content. This is a sure indicator that our bodies form acid due to mineral deficiency.
  • Even though many people think of citrus foods as ‘acidic’, they are actually alkaline in function – that is, they create an alkaline residue. Meats, dairy foods, most nuts, seeds and grains decompose with an acid residue, so too much of these may throw off the body’s pH.

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