Chakras are centers of energy alignment with the human body.

The word Chakra comes from East India meaning a rotating wheel of energy within the body. Apart from the human body’s five senses, old eastern mystics discovered that there are other forms of energy within the human body such as emotional and mental energy.

These forms of energy work through unseen bodies (non-physical) to transmute universal energy into life as we know it. Each chakra has an important role for the exchange of information and vibrations between the bodies.

The chakras function as transmitters of energy from one level to another, distributing energy to the physical body. This is done through the glands that regulate different systems within the body.

The Healing Guide mobile app offers music for opening each chakra.

By understanding how physical symptoms are related to the charkas reveals the cause and nature of many different illnesses. There is a direct relationship between the condition of the chakra and the corresponding physical organs.

Chakras can be over-vitalized, under-vitalized or in a state of balance. It can be open or it can be blocked.

The journey into getting to know the chakras helps to navigate our life in a much more empowering way.

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