<strong>Bach Remedies</strong>
Bach Remedies

The Bach flower Remedies enter into direct contact with the Higher Self of man.

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It acts as a form of catalyst, re-establishing contact between Soul and Personality. By using Bach Remedies the Soul is able to again communicate its intentions to the Personality. The human being becomes very much his true self again.

The Personality, caught up in the confusion and restriction that is only too human, finds a way out again, back to the Soul qualities or virtues that give meaning to our existence on this planet and bring harmony.

Since the Flower Remedies are primarily working at a vibrational level, and there is little, if any actual physical substance in the remedies, there are no side effects.

Healing Guide Guidelines:

Bach Remedies are linked in Healing Guide under the Symptom sorter section.

For each of the 38 Bach Flower remedies, details are provided under the following headings for easy self diagnosis:

Character Symptoms: Indicates the most characteristic symptoms when energy is blocked and the energy of the flower is needed.

Behavior Patterns: A list of behavior patterns due to an energy block as described under Charactor Symptoms.

Transformation: Transformed behavior patterns and a new attitude towards life that can be expected after taking the flower remedy.

Healing Guide Diagram:

There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness.

Healing Guide Examples: